I have still not been able to source the history behind the playing and naming of this event apart from it being originally started when Adam was a lad and my predecessor, Jim Illingworth and Match Secretary, Alan Ryland, felt that we should incorporate a Team event into our schedule so the Calcutta Cup was born but not to be played at Twickenham or Murrayfield and it has remained ever since!

This year's event was held in Flint in some glorious weather with the Flint members giving us their usual warm welcome - especially in the re-decoration of the Lounge area giving it a bright and airy atmosphere albeit without the supply of their famous Mild which I always looked forward to - J2O is not a good substitute is it? Also I must pay tribute to Marc's Mum for the fantastic Roast Dinner she laid on - superb.

11 Teams took part and despite initial 'chunnering' regarding Glyn's benevolence or meaness the allocation of an extra 4 points to be added to the score of the 3 Three Man Teams proved to be decisive as the Winning Team of Gareth Williams (Flint), Grant McIndoe (Rhuddlan) and Ivor Pye (Holywell) benefitted by gratefully accepting the 'bonus to lift their final score to 83 points ahead of another trio of Ronnie Ierston (Flint), Wynford Davies (Rhuddlan) and Kevin Leech (Holywell) on 80 just pipping the four man combo of the host Captain Andy Noble(Flint), Ian Darlington (Old Padeswood), Trevor Sharp (Pennant Park) and Rob Vickery (St.Melyd) on a Card-play-off.

In the absence of Birdie 2's Glyn (reluctantly!) conducted a card draw to dispose of his prize-winning Balls (no comments please) 

'Young' Cyril Wilson was unable to add to his accolades blaming a puncture on his buggy - a poor excuse really, it was only flat at the bottom!

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