The Herbert Moore Memorial Trophy                                                                                                                                      
Four Ball Better Ball Knockout Competition
Matchplay Rules (Amended Jan 2022)

1 Format: 4Ball Better Ball Stableford played over 18 holes.

2. Maximum Handicap Index: 24.0.  Play off Yellow Tees.

3. Handicap Allowance: 85% of Course Handicap

4. Draw: First named to be Home pair. It is responsibility of both pairs to try and make arrangements for the Match.

5. Closing Dates will be strictly adhered to. If a Match has not been completed or a concession agreed both pairs will be eliminated.

6. When a Match has been completed it is the responsibility of the Winning Pair to notify the Assistant Match Secretary or the Match Secretary of the result.

7. The Winning Pair will be the pair with the Highest Better Ball Total Stableford Points Score after 18 Holes. In the event of a tie a card play off will decide the result viz. Back 9, back 6, back 3 etc.

8. Any disputes to be referred to the Assistant Match Secretary whose decision will be deemed as final.

9. Any Green Fees charged should be divided between the pairs involved. Some Clubs have granted us Courtesy of the Course for any Matches played on their Course. Players should check with Clubs before their Match.

10. If a Player has to withdraw for reasons considered genuine he can be replaced providing his pairing has not played a match before his withdrawal. The Assistant Match Secretary must be informed of any proposed change/s before the next match.

11. In the event of the partial closure of a Course because of adverse weather or Course conditions teams concerned should agree, BEFORE teeing  off, the duration of their Match. 

Suggested alternatives are-                                                                                                                                               

(a) Play the number of holes that are open with the result being decided on completion of those holes.                                

(b) Play the number of holes that are open and then play extra holes that are open to make up the 18. These holes should be selected in card order irrespective of Stroke Index etc. and should be started at the first available and be played in the order on the card. Any shots received to be taken in the order they appear on the card.

12. In the event of a card play-off being required to decide the result this should be based on the last 9,6,3 etc actually played as normal procedure.

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